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Sunset Cafe Box Set: Five Domestic Discipline Novellas

This box set contains the complete series of books in the Sunset B Cafe domestic discipline series. Each standalone book in this domestic discipline romance box set is also published separately and available separately. The five novellas in this enticing collection include:

Taking Talia in Hand - Sparks fly when gruff, reserved FBI agent Brian Moynihan meets Talia Levi, a tenderhearted, adorable songwriter with a knack for getting herself mixed up in his investigation of a suspected serial killer. Will the songbird break through the walls Brian erected around his heart, even if it means spending quality time over his knees?

Taking Mari in Hand - Secret sci-fi author Mari loves the new coffee house in her condo building. To her surprise, she catches the eye of the cafe’s owner, handsome, crabby Victor. For the first time in her life, the curvy writer can see a future that doesn’t involve growing old alone. How can let go of the dark secrets from her past?

Taking Laura in Hand - Despite dating extensively, something is missing from beautiful social worker Laura Novak’s life. When that something comes in the guise of handsome Javier, she can’t help feeling attracted to the kind, dominant, much-older retired military man, especially when he turns her over his knee. Will Laura’s belief in her reformed drug addict brother come at the cost of her blossoming relationship with Javier?

Taking Olivia in Hand - Olivia Haas needs an infusion of money to stave off her mother’s foreclosure, so she has to push her beloved domestic discipline fiction writing to the side. When she catches the eyes of wealthy business owner Warren Newell, he makes her an unthinkable offer: Marriage, in exchange for the necessary funds. Olivia scoffs, but then she gets to know the man behind the self-imposed facade. Still, she can’t fall in love with him. That wasn’t in the cards. When Warren discovers the nature of Olivia’s books, will he give her the discipline she so craves?

Taking Kaitlyn in Hand - Speech therapist Kaitlyn
 loves getting her morning cup of joe at the Sunset B Cafe, and tasty coffee is only part of the reason. Each morning, she gets a glimpse at the gorgeous, muscular man she’s dubbed The Russian. Finding out about his kinky proclivities only increases her attraction to the unsmiling man. Sergei Osinov is in mourning for his wife, who died at the hands of a drunk driver three years ago. Sergei doesn’t mind a hookup, especially one that involves a woman over his knees, but he isn’t ready for a relationship until he gets to know Kaitlyn, the innocent girl from his favorite cafe. Will Sergei’s dark desires overwhelm Kaitlyn?

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Chastised By Santa: A Sunset B Domestic Discipline Short Story

Samantha Fisker wants nothing more than an old-fashioned, small-town Christmas. Too bad Sami’s parents booked a cruise, leaving her alone in Brooklyn for the holidays. When Sami stumbles across a flyer at her favorite cafe, the Sunset B, promising an over-the-knee discipline session with Santa, she can’t help but sign up. Will Nathan’s version of Santa give Sami the red bottom she craves?


Chastised by Santa is a 6,000 standalone domestic discipline short story set in the Sunset B Cafe world.

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