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Brooklyn Domestic Discipline Box Set

The three domestic discipline novellas in the Brooklyn Discipline series are gathered into one box set for uninterrupted reading fun. The novellas in the Brooklyn Domestic Discipline Box Set are Stubborn Sadie, Best Friends, and Marble Heart. Each story in the Brooklyn Domestic Discipline Box Set contains a heartfelt, stand-alone disciplinary romance with a guaranteed happy-ever-after.

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Stubborn Sadie 

Law student Sadie Varano isn't looking for a man in her life. Sure, she spends her nights devouring books replete with dominant men and spankings galore. But when a hot geek of a computer programmer, Joel, waltzes into her life, she can't help her attraction to the towering man. Especially since Joel shares an essential trait with her fictional heroes.

Joel Cohen has come to accept his dominant tendencies, and oh boy do they ever spring up around petite, pretty Sadie. He comes to love the feisty woman, but will the over-the-knee spanking she so desperately needs scare Sadie away?


Best Friends

Edward Duffy moves to New York City for one reason—to keep his eye on his stockbroker son. He entered fatherhood as a teen, but a loving family was never in the cards for country boy Eddie. At thirty-nine, he’s too set in his ways to begin anew. But when he meets chipper Sonia in his brand-new apartment building, he can’t help enjoying the time they spend together. 

Sonia Paredes basks in her new-found friendship with her neighbor, Eddie. He’s grouchy, true, but she gets him to smile. She develops a crush on Eddie, but he is her friend. That’s all. Right? When Sonia places herself in danger, will Eddie’s over-the-knee discipline bring the two lonely souls closer, or will the punishment tear them apart?

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Marble Heart

Law enforcement officer Drew Stone is the embodiment of his name. Cold. Unyielding. Dominant. When he meets sweet, young would-be submissive Becca Sabatelli, he agrees to give the girl a taste of what she’s been searching for. Drew won’t fall in love with her, a fact he makes crystal clear to Becca. He doesn’t have a heart to give. 

Regency writer Becca can’t help developing feelings for Drew. When her day job turns out to be a front for a vicious criminal enterprise, will she allow her stone-cold crush to protect her, even if it means going over his knees for well-deserved domestic discipline? Find out in Marble Heart, the final installment in the Brooklyn Discipline series.

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