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Seventies Stella: Decades of Domestic Discipline Book One

The year is 1977, and Stella Magrino is in her element. The flirtatious hairdresser loves roller skating, disco music, and spending time with her huge family. When curvaceous Stella bumps into stoic math teacher Bruce outside her favorite roller rink, sparks fly. 


Bruce Gallagher has no time in his life for love. The widowed high school teacher has his hands full with his young daughter. Besides, after a tumultuous stint in Vietnam and the death of his beloved wife, Bruce eschews the possibility of a true relationship with a loving woman. 


Stella’s boisterous charm stubbornly worms through Bruce’s defenses. Will Bruce let Stella into his heart, even if that means a trip over his knees? Find out in Seventies Stella, book one in the Decades of Domestic Discipline series. 

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Eighties Evie: Decades of Domestic Discipline Book Two

The year is 1987, and Evie Quintana is in trouble. She can’t return to her horrific family home, which means she can’t finish college and start her life. Evie’s unfortunate living situation doesn’t mean that her best friend’s brother, Sean, has the right to tell her what to do—and Sean definitely doesn’t have the right to take Evie over his knee, no matter how gorgeous he is. Try telling that to Sean, though. Grr.


Sanitation worker Sean Hauser offers Evie protection and shelter, but he demands obedience in return. Sean’s hard hand teaches his wayward houseguest a good lesson in personal safety. Sean can’t stop thinking about pretty Evie, even though he knows a grump like him could never make a sweet woman like Evie happy. Will Sean let his guard down long enough to give Evie the love she needs and deserves? Find out in Eighties Evie, book two in the Decades of Domestic Discipline series. 



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Nineties Natalie: Decades of Domestic Discipline Book Three

The year is 1997, and Natalie Larias makes good use of her dial-up internet connection to read special types of stories—tales that end with a woman’s tail red and sore. Although come on. Grown women shouldn’t crave discipline. Right? When Natalie stumbles across an advertisement in the newspaper promising just that, she does the unthinkable and replies. 


Darren Cernak wants a woman to love, protect—and discipline. Darren rapidly falls for Natalie, but will she accept his discipline, as well as fun over-the-knee sessions? Find out in Nineties Natalie, the third and final installment in the Decades of Domestic Discipline series. 


Each book in the now-complete Decades of Domestic Discipline series offers a standalone discipline romance replete with retro fun and a guaranteed happy ever after.

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