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Burke Domestic Discipline Box Set

Read all three domestic discipline novellas in the Burke Discipline Trilogy in one bargain-priced box set. For the first time, Maya's Protector, Wendy's Warrior, and Liza's Champion is available in one box set.

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Maya's Protector

After the death of her beloved mother, pediatric nurse Maya Weaver moves to New York for a fresh start. In the course of dealing with her mother's affairs, Maya discovers two older half-brothers. Finally, she has a family to call her own. A good thing, too, since Maya most definitely does not want a boyfriend. And the submissive fantasies haunting her mind? They can go pound sand, thank you very much. A horrible incident years back taught Maya that her urge to submit can only cause physical and emotional harm.

When Maya meets Curtis Palumbo, she can't deny her attraction to the muscular man. But she doesn't want or need a man in her life. Besides, Curtis doesn't just want Maya's attention. The kind man is a dominant who sees inside to the secrets lurking in her soul. Will Maya find a way to submit to Curtis, even if that means an over the knee spanking, or will the nefarious plans of an outsider put a stop to their blooming relationship?

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Wendy's Warrior

With a newfound baby daughter and an intense job as an architect, Gabriel Burke has no time for love. When he meets gorgeous, curvaceous real estate agent Wendy Flynn, all sensible thoughts fly out the window. Not only does the sexy woman have curves that won’t quit, she’s got a sense of humor and a brain in her head. Single dad Gabe loves spanking the voluptuous blonde, but will he relax the walls around his heart enough to let in her love? Will Wendy?

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Liza's Champion

When artist Liza Stanton finds herself homeless and ill, she hits rock bottom. With her family name dragged through the mud, the daughter of a disgraced accountant plods through as best she can, waiting tables in a sports pub when her chronic headaches allow. She desperately needs someone to care for her, and wealthy pub customer Sam fits that bill. 

Samuel Burke tries to deny his dominant nature, but when he finds the waitress at his favorite pub in dire straights, he takes charge and ensures her health and safety. When caring for Liza means administering an over-the-knee spanking, will Sam be able to accept his true nature and give Liza the loving discipline she needs? Find out in Liza's Champion, the third and final installment in the Burke Domestic Discipline Trilogy.

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