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Holding Kenna

Mechanic Adam Finneran has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Between running three businesses and watching out for his siblings, Adam has no time for love. But when beautiful Kenna bumps into him--literally--he can't help but fall for the playful woman.

After leaving a possessive ex-boyfriend behind in her home state of Arizona, dental hygienist Kenna Sanders escapes to New York. When she spills coffee on grumpy Adam, she can't help her attraction to the muscular oaf. Will Adam's over-the-knee discipline scare her off, or will Kenna be brave enough to face her hidden desire to submit?



Guiding Abby

Widower Kevin Finneran needs a nanny for his two young boys. While his heart is wrapped up in the memories of his late wife, Kevin refuses to shirk his responsibilities as a father. 

Curvy Abby Mitchell can’t finish anything in life. College? After six years of higher education, no degree. Work? Despite her love for working with children, Abby can’t hold down a job. When a nanny position with silent yet sizzling-hot police officer Kevin comes along, Abby grabs onto the opportunity. The painful, over the knee discipline Kevin offers might well help Abby improve, but can she guard her heart?

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Sheltering Dina 

Trent Finneran spent the past ten years of his life in prison. Finally free, he concentrates on his work as a mechanic for the family business. He wants nothing more than to live a quiet life and pay his family back for their kindness, but Trent can’t help his attraction to sweet schoolteacher Dina, although he refuses to pursue her. No one should have to deal with his baggage, least of all shy, petite Dina. 

Dina Gonzales suffered horrific abuse in her past, but she is her own woman now. With a good job, an apartment, and the world’s neediest cat, she has her hands full. No men for her, thank you very much. Certainly not reformed bad boy Trent, with his bulging muscles and beard and gruff kindness. Will Dina withdraw further, or will she let Trent blaze into her life, even if that means taking a trip over his knees?

Please note that this book contains references to past abuse. Sheltering Dina, a stand-alone domestic discipline romance with a guaranteed happily ever after, is the third and final installment in the completed Finneran Discipline series.

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