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The Shy Librarian

The year is 1955, and Myra Ashton is a reasonably content librarian in the small town of Vilton, New York. Sure, she’d like a fella, but gaining a beau requires speaking to a man. Wasn’t happening. Certainly, Myra couldn’t lose her virtue before marriage, like her mother before her. 

Tough cop Raymond Jennings can’t help falling for the beautiful, if bashful, librarian. After losing both parents and his beloved brother, he keeps his heart closed off to love. Will Ray get through to Myra, even if doing so requires a strict, over the knee spanking? Will Myra open Ray’s locked heart?


The Gentleman

The year is 1935, and orphan Nessie Byrne desperately needs a job. While Nessie recently graduated from a top women’s college, even the most educated women lack employment opportunities due to the desperate economic climate. Luckily for Nessie, her mysterious longterm benefactor offers her a governess position in his stately manor house. Nessie adores her young charge, but she cannot help developing feelings for her much older but quite handsome employer - even when he takes her over his knee for well-deserved discipline.

Benjamin Howland cannot escape horrific memories stemming from his time on the battlefield during World War I. When Nessie comes to live in Ben’s home, the lovely girl’s bright smile and keen intelligence catches his eye. Will Ben allow Nessie’s sweetness to thaw his frozen heart?

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