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A Discipline Love Story

Mia Roberts loves getting spanked for fun, but her fantasies run darker. Her desire for discipline leads her to Ryan Campbell, a wealthy, dominant man with a penchant for rules and punishments. Will he go too far, or will they find a middle ground that allows Mia to express her quirky personality while satisfying Ryan’s need for control? 


A Discipline Relationship

Mia Roberts is in love with Ryan Campbell, and his mix of sensual and disciplinary spankings keep her safe and happy. Although she joyfully submits to him, a part of her doubts she can keep the interest of her wealthy, dominant boyfriend. Will Mia allow self-doubt and cold-hearted family members to come between her and the man she loves, or will Ryan convince her to give their love a chance, one over-the-knee spanking at a time? 

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