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1940s Discipline Romance Box Set

Stern Sergeant (1940s Discipline Romance Prequel Novella) 
Army nurse Maggie O’Dwyer adores helping injured soldiers during World War II, but she cannot help her homesickness while serving in Sicily. When Maggie meets Master Sergeant Rocco Martelli, she has difficulty masking her attraction to the gruff, handsome man - even when she finds herself over his knees for a dose of sorely-needed discipline. Will Maggie break through Rocco’s defenses, or will the stern man’s pride keep them apart? 

Her Private Detective (1940s Discipline Romance Book One)
Private detective Stanley Moore isn’t looking for love when he places an ad for a secretary. He simply wants a little help around the office so he can concentrate on sleuthing now that World War II is over. But the pretty, curvy blonde woman who shows up at his door isn’t what Stan bargained for. College graduate Josephine Bonner lends a welcome female touch to the office, but when she places herself in danger, Stan knows just what to do. A trip over his knees puts Josie to rights, but Stan doesn’t expect to feel so tender towards his employee. Will Stan admit his growing feelings for Josie, or will sadness from his past stand in the way of their happiness? 

The Writer’s Guilt (1940s Discipline Romance Book Two)
When Phil Stein gets set up on a date with Estie Kaufman, the confirmed bachelor doesn’t expect to enjoy himself. He definitely doesn’t expect to be attracted to the demure schoolteacher, no matter how pretty and intelligent she is. Despite Phil’s best efforts to stay the cool, aloof man he’s been for the past forty-one years, he can’t help deepening his relationship with the younger woman. When Phil learns that Estie is keeping a secret for which she feels terribly guilty, will he be able to give her the over-the-knee discipline she needs to forgive herself?

Her Strict Plumber (1940s Discipline Romance Book Three)
Paul Rutkowski is at his wit’s end. With his mother injured and his sister-in-law laid up from a difficult birth, his family needs help in the worst way. Assistance comes in the guise of Philomena Mancuso, a young war widow with a gift for getting their house in order and calming fractious newborn babies. Paul soon feels an attraction to the mouthy young woman, but wounds from his past keep him from speaking up. Mena can’t help but fall for the tall, broad man who hired her, Paul. He’s kind, he’s quiet, and best of all, he doesn’t take her nonsense. To the contrary, when she mouths off, she finds herself over his knees, getting corrected in a way she thought she left behind in childhood. Mena craves Paul, over the knee discipline and all, but when he fails to speak up about their relationship, will she have to leave the man she loves for good? 

Shirley’s Valentine Discipline (A 1940s Discipline Romance Short)
The year is 1947, and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Remorseful housewife Shirley Stewart is not looking forward to the romantic holiday. After making a purchase far outside her budget, she lies to her beloved husband Melvin. Will strict, over-the-knee discipline rid Shirley of her relentless guilt?

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