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Taming Janie: Driftwood Paranormal Discipline Book One

Janie Hauger knows she's different. Until she nearly ends the life of a bully on the screeching subway in New York City, she didn't realize just how different. A curvy accountant in her thirties is not supposed to possess extra-human strength and agility, yet Janie does. Waking up to a handsome stranger whisking her away to a mansion on the beach so she can learn to control her extra-human abilities shocks Janie to her core. The crush she develops on her gorgeous trainer, Zach? Yeah, that's not going anywhere.

Zachary Terranova can't believe his good luck. Not only is his most recent trainee curvaceous and cute, Janie's superhuman strength matches his. Can Zach convince Janie to accept her differences - and to accept him as her man, even if it takes a trip over his knees for a much-needed dose of domestic discipline?

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Loving Kat: Driftwood Paranormal Discipline Book Two

Levi Torres isn’t your average man. With physical and mental abilities that far exceed that of a typical human, he zealously protects those like him. Brilliant, gorgeous Kat can more than match Levi in the intellect department, but not when it comes to strength. Although Levi won’t risk hurting Kat, when the dreamy woman needs a spot of over-the-knee domestic discipline to keep her safe, he is just the man for the job.

Kat Hughes is a woman in love. From the first time she laid eyes on Levi, she can’t stop obsessing over the muscular man. Kat doesn’t possess a fraction of his strength, true enough, but she knows Levi loves her back. Will Kat convince the stubborn man they are meant for each other, even if that means repeated trips across Levi’s knees? Find out in Loving Kat: Driftwood Paranormal Romance Book Two, the final book in the now complete paranormal domestic discipline duology. 

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