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Disciplined By Box Set

This box set contains the complete series of books in the romantic discipline series. Each standalone book in this domestic discipline romance box set is also published separately and available separately. The seven novellas in this enticing collection include:

Disciplined by Ken: When doctor Sabrina Westlake meets dominant Ken Lambert, he adds an element of spice to her otherwise staid life. In addition to the undeniable chemistry between them, Sabrina is falling in love. Unfortunately, Ken demands more of her than she can give. Ken wants to protect and care for Sabrina, even if it means extending his dominance outside of the bedroom. Will Ken’s overwhelming need to take care of his woman keep him from a relationship with the love of his life?

Disciplined by Nick: Shy and socially awkward, Avery Westlake never expects to meet the man of her dreams at an MMA fight. Tall, muscular, and tattooed, Nick Murphy represents everything she’s secretly dreamed about in a man. But when Nick finds out that Avery craves spankings of both a disciplinary and fun nature, he’s conflicted, especially with his less-than-perfect childhood. Can Nick give Avery the structure and discipline she needs? 

Disciplined by Shane: Since childhood, Zoe Marino had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Shane O’Brien. Shane gives Zoe the support and protection she needs in the form of a painful disciplinary spanking, but he thinks of her as nothing but a kid. Now that his Army stint is over, Zoe hopes to win over Shane’s heart, even if it means going back over his knees.

Disciplined by Vikram: When intelligent graduate student Dani Hansen meets kind yet indisputably dominant Vikram Patel, she can’t help but want to submit to his discipline, and not just in the bedroom. Will Dani let Vik tear down the walls she’s built around her heart, one over-the-knee spanking at a time?

Disciplined by Simon: Single father Simon Whitcomb needs a nanny to watch his spirited little boy. He finds the perfect caregiver in Holly Kendrick. Over time, he falls for the sweet woman, but Holly has baggage of her own. Will Simon relax his hardened heart and give Holly the love and discipline she needs?

Disciplined by Brendan: Despite Brendan O’Brien’s steady life driving a bus and caring for his teenage daughter, he craves something more. That something comes in the guise of Jessica Danowski, a young, brilliant, curvaceous blonde lawyer with a bad habit of partying too hard that evolves past alcohol into something stronger. Can Brendan give Jessica the discipline she requires?

Disciplined by Kurt: Molly O’Brien stands up for herself when her possessive boyfriend turns violent. Vowing never to date again, she throws herself into her teaching job, friends, and ever-expanding family. When she goes to see wealthy Kurt Samuels to get money for the impoverished school where she teaches, she can’t help her attraction to the successful businessman. Will Molly accept Kurt’s affection, even if it means going over his knees? 

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