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Rough Protector


Author by night, cashier by day, Lisa Sernas has her life together. Kinda. She doesn’t need a man, not one bit. Okay, fine, so maybe she wants one. It’s hard to live out her disciplinary fantasies by herself. When Lisa takes a chance on her favorite website, she doesn’t expect to meet anyone—especially a muscular hunk of a man who goes by the screen name StrictLove.

Security expert Derek Bower cannot believe his luck. Lisa is pretty, intelligent—and submissive. Despite the distance between them, he vows to overcome the obstacles Lisa puts up around her closely guarded heart. Will Lisa let Derek in, even if that means receiving a dose of over-the-knee discipline?


Obeying Mr. Stern

Debi Gold is bored with her life. The most exciting thing in her existence is a polite, friendly stalker at work. Between her desk job at an insurance company and her lack of male companionship, she’s desperate for a change. A casual dinner with a friend turns into an obsession with getting spanked, but come on. Nice guys don’t do that. 


Except they do. When she mentions her naughty desires to Ezra Stern, the man her grandma set her up with, she doesn’t expect him to act. But he does, showing Debi the dominance she’s been missing, one over-the-knee spanking at a time. When her “friendly” work stalker turns not-so-friendly, will her lies prevent Debi from continuing her relationship with her very own disciplinarian, Mr. Stern?

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Nurse Hailey Lintzer is trying to make up for wrongdoing in her past, but only painful punishment will wipe her guilty slate clean. Enter Liam Voros, a huge hulk of a man with a right hand of steel and a penchant for using it on naughty young ladies who crave penance.


Liam agrees to discipline tiny Hailey. He grows fond of the beautiful young lady, but keeps his emotions sealed off. Will Hailey’s submission melt the ice encasing Liam’s heart?

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Sweet Brute

When graduate student Tabitha Longo needs cash, the proud geek decides to pawn her detested late grandmother’s necklace. She doesn’t plan to fall for the pawn shop’s brawny brute of an owner, but for once in her controlled life, Tabitha can’t help the way she feels. She wants the muscular man, brute or not.  

Former Marine Travis Foley is a man of many talents. He operates a crane, co-owns a pawn shop, and bulks up at a rough MMA-style gym in his free time. When Tabitha wanders into his pawn shop, Travis is immediately attracted to the cute nerd. Travis wants to protect the brainy girl, even when that means a stern trip over his knee for sorely needed domestic discipline. But Travis isn’t the bookish type, and he knows it. Will Travis admit his love for Tabitha, or will he let insecurities stand in the way of their budding relationship? 

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Naughty Jade

Jade Varano should be a senior in college—should being the operative word. The spoiled woman is desperate for and help overcoming a loveless childhood and memories of a troubling event from her past.


Enter Eli Copeland, powerlifter, brewmaster, and giver of healing hugs. Eli wants to help pretty Jade learn to love herself. If it takes over-the-knee discipline to set Jade to rights, so much the better. Will Eli’s disciplinary assistance settle Jade on the right path, or will the stubborn woman fail to learn the lessons Eli is so eager to impart? Find out in Naughty Jade, a standalone domestic discipline romance.


Naughy Jade is chock full of heart, love, and over-the-knee discipline. Traumatic events from Jade’s past are mentioned briefly.

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Allie's Keeper


Children’s singer and receptionist Allie Kolich finds herself on the receiving end of bone-chilling threats from an anonymous source. Allie tries to ignore the terrifying threats, but they just keep coming. 

Enter sizzling hot single father Noah Farrell. Noah is handsome, kind - and indisputably dominant. Will Allie let Noah protect her, even if it means a well-earned trip over his knee?


Mountain Discipline

After discovering her fiancee in the arms of another woman, Riley Jansen moves to a new town for a fresh start. Sensible pharmacist Riley doesn’t expect to fall head over heels for rugged mountain man Vance, but her brilliant brain can’t stop her feelings of attraction for him - even when he takes her over his knees.

Reclusive writer Vance Kendall isn’t in the market for a woman to love, but when he meets beautiful Riley, he can’t help but take notice. With gut-wrenching nightmares from his military service overseas, Vance doesn’t want to lose his heart. Will Vance let Riley in, or will he stay secluded on his mountain for good?

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Disciplining His Sunny Girl

Preschool teacher Kenzie Nolan is a free spirit with a sunshiny smile - and careless driving habits. When Kenzie accidentally hits into the car of grumpy elevator mechanic Luke, she finds herself drawn to the stern, muscular man. 


Luke Ferrando believes in facts, figures, and logic. With a toxic ex-fiancee and a loving but overbearing family, Luke prefers to keep to himself. When sweet Kenzie slams into his life, Luke can’t help but want to spend time with her - and discipline her. Will grumpy Luke let sunny Kenzie into his heart, even if that means the adorable woman spends quality time over his knees? 

Daisy's Dark Defender


Waitress by day, fanfiction writer by night, Daisy Hughes has a lot to deal with. A sweat-inducing raise in her rent, for one thing. Daisy doesn’t have the slightest clue how she’ll pay the rent increase. When frightful men follow her into an abandoned alleyway, Daisy thinks she’s done for. To her surprise, a mysterious stranger fends off the fearsome men and offers Daisy his protection.


Millionaire Laszlo Fournier has been watching Daisy for months now. The sweet waitress captivates him, but Laszlo knows a grump like him could never offer Daisy the kindness and love she deserves. When Daisy requires shelter and protection, Laszlo can’t help but take Daisy—and her elderly cat Missy—in. Will these two broken people complete each other, even if that means Daisy taking a well-earned trip over Laszlo’s knee? 

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Christmas Curmudgeon: A Holiday Domestic Discipline Tale

Grumpy pipefitter Colt Sheehan is not looking forward to the Christmas season. The ridiculous lights, the cheesy music… No thank you. When Colt meets sunshiney Hallie, his impression of the season turns upside down. 


Sweet physical therapist Hallie Ward doesn't have a loving family to go home to for the holidays. Undaunted, Hallie turns her small house into a Christmas wonderland. When Hallie has difficulty hanging lights up high, Colt steps in. Tall, broad, and grouchy, Colt demands that Hallie stay off teetering ladders and unsteady furniture. 

Will Hallie disobey and find herself over Colt’s knee? Find out in Christmas Curmudgeon: A Holiday Domestic Discipline Romance, a standalone grumpy/sunshine Christmas romance with much needed discipline, a lovable patchwork cat, and tons of heart.


Red in the Bronx and Other Domestic Discipline Retellings

Three heartwarming domestic discipline fairy tale retellings showing that a happy ever after can include sore bottoms and plenty of love.


Red in the Bronx: 

Lucia Velez is known for her keen intelligence and her fondness for the color red. Between studying for her graduate degree and spending time with her family, Lucia has no time for a man. When Lucia stumbles across gang members who call themselves wolves while helping her elderly grandmother, will stern police officer Kevin Farrell keep her from harm, even if it means taking her over his knee? 


Mirabella and the Beastly Discipline:

When Mirabella Bianco’s gambler father finds himself in debt to the wrong man in New Orleans, Mirabella offers herself up to save him. Scarred, hulking Lev Demenov is more than happy for Mirabella’s companionship. The beast of a man certainly won’t fall for the sweet translator in sore need of loving discipline—or will he? 


The Golden Girl with the Red Bottom:

Recent college graduate Aurelie Hubert loves the Pacific Northwest, but Aurelie lacks a job and any means to support herself. Aurelie hikes through the woods and finds an empty cabin, where she takes the opportunity to rest and refuel. When cabin owner Severin Carlson and his two brothers return home, they are shocked to find this very beautiful intruder curled up. Severin offers to host Aurelie with one caveat—she has to accept an old-fashioned punishment at his hand. Aurelie agrees and finds herself falling for her grumpy host. Will Severin let his walls down to let this golden girl in?


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