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Although characters overlap, each book in the New York Spankings series contains the stand-alone story of one couple’s adventure with love and spankings, both fun and disciplinary.


Hank & Kate: New York Spankings Book One

When forty-two-year-old Hank Reilly overhears beautiful, young Kate Stockton bemoan the lack of real men to discipline and cherish her, he feels an instant connection. Their age difference worries him, but the couple forges forward with love and over-the-knee spankings. However, both Hank and Kate are keeping secrets from each other. Will their lack of trust and honesty tear them apart? 


David & Celia: New York Spankings Book Two

Manhattan attorney Celia Asher enjoys fun spankings during her courtship with her husband-to-be, David. When he mentions adding disciplinary spankings to their relationship, she is unsure, but she soon comes to love the cherished way she feels after a chastisement. After the birth of their child, Celia finds herself dreaming of going back of her husband’s knees for a sound spanking, but he is too engrossed in their family life to notice. Will she risk everything to gain her husband’s attention? 


Jason & Eva: New York Spankings Book Three

Eva Lombardi is used to taking care of herself. Orphaned at a young age, she manages her own life, education, and career. Despite her growing attraction to her handsome neighbor Jason, she never wants to rely on a man. When Eva puts herself in danger, Jason doesn’t hesitate to put her over his knee for a sound spanking. He grew up in a domestic discipline household, and punishing the woman he loves for her own good is second nature to him. The punishment brings out feelings of arousal and safety, but Eva maintains her independence and pushes away from her neighbor. Will Eva admit her secret desire to submit, or will her stubbornness cost her the love of her life? 


Dan & Anna: New York Spankings Book Four

Anna Lambert loves her eclectic Park Slope neighborhood, but something is missing in her life. When she has the opportunity to live in a cabin in the woods of Idaho for the summer, she grabs it gratefully. So what if her reclusive, handsome host might spank her? After a betrayal, Dan Ryers holes up in his late father’s cabin and retreats into himself. He needs help to make a living from his woodworking business, but he doesn’t expect his temporary assistant to enchant him. Against the backdrop of Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, Dan falls in love. To his surprise, giving his houseguest strict but loving over the knee discipline brings them closer together. When the summer is over, will he let the love of his life go?


John & Athena: New York Spankings Book Five

After losing her scholarship, Athena finds herself homeless, friendless, and alone, but her good friend Eva won’t let her remain on the streets. Content in her new nannying job, Athena doesn’t want the complications of a romantic relationship, but she can’t help but fall for John. Tall, handsome, and dominant, he embodies everything she fantasizes about in a man. Too bad she can’t let him know her desire to submit. John hasn’t let himself get close to a woman in years, but he can’t forget sweet, submissive Athena. He knows he has to keep his predilection for dominance to himself, but he can’t stand idly by and watch Athena put herself at risk. Will he be able to give her the stern yet loving over-the-knee discipline she needs?


James & Oksana: New York Spankings Book Six

Oksana is a woman on the prowl. Fed up with the New York dating scene, she wants a man who can satisfy her, both in bed and intellectually. Too bad the man who fits the bill demands the one thing she can never give—her submission. She doesn’t mind playing bedroom games, but allowing a man to give her discipline unnerves her, no matter how much she deserves it. Detective James Robinson has a list of qualities for the perfect woman. Petite, submissive, demure, smart, and attractive. While Oksana is sexy and intelligent, the tall, brash woman is the polar opposite of submissive. Will he be able to stand by while she makes dangerous mistakes, or will his overwhelming desire to put her over his knee for a good, old-fashioned spanking spell the end of their relationship?


Pedro & Lily: New York Spankings Book Seven

When artist Lily hears how her friend’s boyfriend disciplines her with old-fashioned, over the knee spankings, she is intrigued. Although she wants to keep her husband Pedro happy, he gets annoyed when she doesn’t take proper care of herself. Maybe a spanking would help. But Pedro is horrified at the idea of hitting any woman, especially his beloved wife. Will he be able to give Lily the discipline she needs, or will her scatterbrained ways put their relationship at risk?


Max & Kira: New York Spankings Book Eight

Kira doesn't know why she’s facing death threats. Although her mother is rich, she’s a simple schoolteacher. While she has a doctorate in mathematics, that’s no reason for anyone to want to hurt her. Worse of all, her overbearing mother hires a bodyguard, a tall, hulking beast of a man, to watch her every move. Over time, she discovers the kind, protective man behind the scary facade. But when she ignores his directives, will she find herself over his knees? 


Caleb & Tori: New York Spankings Book Nine

Caleb Adams loves to spank for fun and discipline, but he doesn’t want a relationship. Spoiled Tori Saxton needs structure in her life to stay in her rich father’s good graces and maintain her spot in line for the family fortune. Caleb’s particular brand of incentives might just do the trick, but will she lose her heart to her disciplinarian? 

New York Spankings Short Stories located in OTK Box Set

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