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Over Gavin's Knee

Dreamy writer Sage Parker spends her days crafting coffee at the Sunset B Cafe. A girl's gotta make a living, right? When police lieutenant Gavin Armstrong storms into the cafe and into her life, she can't help but develop a crush on the stern older man. But Gavin would never fall for a sprite of a girl like Sage, and she knows it.

Lieutenant Gavin Armstrong likes his coffee the same way he likes his women: Regular. Practical. Sensible. So why on earth can't he get the fanciful pixie from his favorite cafe out of his mind? Gavin lays down the law with Sage in the form of sorely needed over-the-knee discipline, but will he let the diminutive author into his heart?


Over Ethan's Knee

Beautiful violinist Tessa Reed left her crime-ridden family behind years ago, but a secret from her past continues to haunt her. When Tessa meets millionaire Ethan Kincaid, she can't help her attraction to the dominant man. But Tessa is trash to Ethan's treasure, and she knows it.

After a family tragedy of his own, Ethan Kincaid is finally ready to start living again. He falls for lovely Tessa, but she refuses to open her heart to him. Will Ethan let Tessa go, or will over-the-knee domestic discipline bring Tessa the relief and healing she so desperately needs? Find out in Over Ethan's Knee: New York Domestic Discipline Book Two.


Over Peter's Knee

So what if hacker Delia breaks the law. All for a good cause, right?

Detective Peter Kasza has enough to deal with, between his recent divorce and the mounds of paperwork weighing down his desk at work. When an anonymous source dumps evidence of police corruption at the highest levels on his doorstep, Pete wants to ignore the documents--but he can't. To his surprise, a search for the source yields one Delia Buratti, a gorgeous hacker with a brilliant mind and curves that don't quit.

When computer expert Delia stumbles across a trafficking ring that enjoys the protection of a rogue police captain, she simply cannot let the information idle. The lives of countless young girls hang in the balance. Delia certainly doesn't expect to fall for the honest detective she entrusts with her research. As she gets to know Pete, she can't help falling for the grumpy detective, even when he takes her over his knee for well-deserved discipline. Will Pete let Delia's covert investigation stand in the way of a burgeoning romance? 


Over Kieran's Knee

One hardened boxer. One timid number-cruncher. Can these disparate souls find the love they lack?

Shy accountant Nicole needs a change in her staid life. When she enrolls herself in one-on-one boxing lessons, she doesn't expect to fall for her fierce, stern instructor. Kieran scares her. He intimidates her. Too bad he calls to the very marrow of her soul.

Kieran Murray put his boxing career behind him years ago, but he keeps up with the sport that made him wealthy by training those who can afford his fees. He isn't looking for a woman for more than one night. A bashful, petite sweetheart with soulful brown eyes and a kind smile? Definitely not for him. So why can't he get Nicole off his mind? 


Over Lex's Knee

Millionaire Lex Wainwright doesn’t need a woman in his life. His friends might have paired off, but that didn’t mean Lex has to. When a buddy’s sister goes missing, Lex’s investigation brings the whirlwind that is Sienna Quinn into his life. Lex can’t help his attraction to the bubbly, sunny woman, but the darkness of his soul would destroy Sienna, so he keeps his distance. 

Artist and children’s author Sienna never thought she’d fall for a stone-cold private investigator with the cheekbones of a god and a body to match. Lex’s sternness draws her in, and when she fails to heed his dictates, his over-the-knee discipline only makes her want him more. Can Sienna burrow her way into Lex’s frozen heart? Find out in Over Lex’s Knee: New York Domestic Discipline Book Five, the final book in the now-complete NYDD series.

New York Domestic Discipline Box Set

Read all five discipline romance novellas in the New York Domestic Discipline series in one place in the New York Domestic Discipline Box Set. 

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